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tupac's theory involving him phropecising his own death
tupac phrophesized (sp) his own death and it came true
by poppin December 29, 2003
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7-days is a period of debauchery launched when a friend who hasn't been laid in over a year finally achieves the ultimate goal. It involves taking the act of sinning to a whole new level. Alcohol, drugs, escorts, gambling, and midgets are just a few of the components that lead to a legendary 7 days.
Dude! Enron finally got laid after a year drought! It's time for the 7-days.
by wallhawk September 21, 2010
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The day that I will die, Not including business days or a holiday.
After watching a evil video tape, The little girl called up on the phone and said in a monotone voice "Seven days". She is pretty fucked now.
by anapplemacphreak February 23, 2005
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Some that is super annoying, lame or weak.
That guy is super cheap.....Uh he's so 7day.
by Momoney267 October 21, 2017
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sadly i'm responding just incase i die, i'm a real pussy
MAKAVELI the Don killuminati and the 7 day theory
by dsssssssssssssss October 19, 2003
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