Her: I wanna go watch frozen 2
Him: that shit seven days
Her: wtf is that supposed to mean
Him: that’s shit weak(week) asf
by RGEN December 13, 2019
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adj. Weak; lacking in strength or any substantial redeaming qualities.
Dude, you're an idiot. That plan is completeley seven-day!
by calihodian May 22, 2009
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Unemployment, a growing amount of free time, joblessness, and an overall sense of boredom.
I am wondering what I will do with my upcoming seven day weekends?
by Irish_11 April 9, 2009
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When you see if you can last a full week without texting or social networking anyone of the opposite sex(excluding Family).

This challenge came about when a bunch of friends bragged that they could live happily by themselves but would text guys/girls constantly. Thus, this challenge was born.

To this day, I have not met anyone who has lasted an entire 7 days without breaking at some point.

This challenge is really just a test of will as well as a test of not giving in to the temptation of attention from the opposite sex.
Sally: "I'm so sick of guys bullshit, if I never talk to another guy again I would be happy."

Jessie: "Why not walk the walk and take the seven day challenge just to make sure?"
by Poston03 May 2, 2011
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Extremely baggy pants originally worn by shepherds of the middle east while out in the fields for extended periods of time tending their flock. The style became popular in the 80's with hip-hop dancers and rap stars like M.C. Hammer.
"Check out Hammer crank'in out those moves in his seven day shitters!"
by Mike K June 7, 2006
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An extension of one's birthday to the full seven days following it in order to prolong the birthday experience and give friends and loved ones the convenience of more then one day to show their appreciation for you.
Im so glad this is the last of your fucking seven days of you!
by topography March 12, 2008
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Once an episode has aired on TV for the first time, there is a 7 day common courtesy cool down period or moratorium on spoilers and plot lines. After this period the episode can be freely discussed.

Big budget television shows usually première one a week, or every 7 seven days.
Even though Game of Thrones aired yesterday, remember the seven day rule, no spoilers!
by MrKwagga April 12, 2015
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