A number between 68 and 69.
The only reason you were searching this up is that you have no life and friends pedophile
I have 69 jolly ranchers left in my bag. Now you want one or are you gonna be retarded
by HelloBOiiiissss June 13, 2019
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69 is a sex position in which both partners are laying down on the bed, yet their heads are positioned so they can suck one another off simultaneously. This makes it looks like a number 69.
Me and Jacob had some good 69 yesterday.
by jawanna blowme? January 14, 2020
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Sex where to people are sucking each others penis or vagina or sometimes VAGINA to vagina and penis to penis
Wanna 69 baby I am so horny!๐Ÿ†
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by Bootylickerpickerdicker April 21, 2019
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Usually when this word is introduced into a conversation its gonna get real sexual or an autistic 9 year old will laugh.
Guy: Wanna play a bored game?!

Girl: Sure.

Both: *plays game*

Girl: What score are you at?

Guy: 69

Girl: *gets naked*
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by EppZ April 27, 2018
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Person 1: I went to the mall, it was very 69
Person 2: bro just say nice you sound retarded
by n.i.c.e December 02, 2018
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