M.O.B. on the phone keypad. Money Over Bitches or Mind Over Body. A valediction.
It was nice talkin to ya. Peace. 662!
by sixsixtwo February 28, 2003
M.O.B; member of blood; men of blood; mob piru gang
you roll wit the M.O.B; u a 662; we 662; you roll wit 662
by babyboy November 3, 2003
slang term for homosexual.
noun. fag.
adjective. gay.

originally derived by assigning a numerical value to each letter of the word "fag" according to it's position in the alphabet (7, 1, 25). each number is then squared, and the sum of these numbers is 662*.

*(unfortunately, the sum of these numbers is not 662, due to a mathematical error by the inventor of the term. but the number stuck anyways)
(noun form) you're a big 662.

(adjective form) the memphis highway system is 662.

what the 662 were you doing?
by cmvermont February 15, 2006
A well know truck group that runs Mississippi and get all the hoes
What truck group you in 662.stuntin
by 662.stuntin March 17, 2021