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Another term for Rathergate, a scandal where CBS was caught using fake documents during 2004.
Memogate ruined CBS.
by StoogeWatcher July 29, 2010
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A term coined by New Orleans sports commentator Buddy Diliberto during the 1980-81 season, when the Saints went 1-15.
The New Orleans Aints gave us the whole paper bag over the head thing.
by StoogeWatcher January 11, 2011
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A term named after Mike Nifong, the disgraced Durham County, North Carolina, District Attorney who smeared the Duke lacrosse team for a 2006 rape that never happened.
The patriotic Americans got Nifonged by the left.
by StoogeWatcher July 15, 2010
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The act of terror fronts like Hamas-linked CAIR to try and intimidate people into giving in using friviolous lawsuits.
by StoogeWatcher January 15, 2013
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The disgraced Durham County (North Carolina) distrcit attorney behind the 2006 Duke lacrosse rape hoax.
by StoogeWatcher December 27, 2010
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A person who claims military heroics or credentials, but either exaggerates his service or never served at all. Often supported by the anti-war left until caught. Most famously used by Rush Limbaugh during a 2007 radio show
Jesse MacBeth is the most famous phony soldier, who claimed he served in Iraq, but lasted only 44 days in basic training.
by StoogeWatcher July 29, 2010
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The reaction of Muslims going ballistic in 2006 after the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published twelve cartoons that parodied Muhammad and Islam
Islam didn't help its case when the cartoon riots happened.
by StoogeWatcher November 18, 2010
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