National Beat Day- June Ninth... 69
-on this day all will masturbate with pride
Jim: "hey what are you doin today?"

Bob: "Dude tomorrow is 6/9, I got some porn to buy."

Jim: "word me too."
by MasturbateThis! January 13, 2010
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National Sexual Freedom and Exploration Day
A day to celebrate your sexuality, push your boundaries and explore your fantasies openly and with pride.
Alice: "Tomorrow is 6/9! Let's get some new sex toys!"
Bob: "Can I invite my buddy Jim to join us?!?!"
Alice and Bob: *High Five*
by tacoraj April 20, 2018
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A guy eating a girls cum while she sucks on his dick
Hey! I got 6-9 last night a along with getting some ass thrown in.
by Mayp September 24, 2006
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A type of sex similar to 69. Except it there is a space in the 6 and the 9 because it is a type of sex where the 2 people smell eachothers genitals or farts from a distance. No joke. Some people actually like to do that.
6 9 can be done both heterosexually or homosexually.
by LarryOfficial March 18, 2012
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What happends when you have triplets
Doctor" you got a 6*9+6+9=69"

Female" so triplets"
by dessnom November 1, 2019
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Pronounced "6 outta 9" A sex position similar to the 69, except that each partner defecates into the other's mouth. Common sense would dictate that each dot represents a turd being consumed by one of the partners, but the position is represented as such do to the 6 and 9 being separated by a colon, a clever play on words as well as poignant symbolism.
"Can you believe I have to pay an escort $1200 for a 6:9 these days?"
by Bearded Justice November 15, 2011
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A legendary day I will not live to see.
Guy1: What is your date of birth?
Guy2: 6/9/6969
Guy1: You star in a porn film?
Guy2: No
Guy1: Oh ok
Guy2: Why ask?
Guy1: ...
by Elkrib May 22, 2020
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