if you are born on the 6th of February you are so cool like girl bye- You have an amazing style all your friends copy you a little toxic when mad but yea
Yall that one girl born on 6 February hideeee
by a girl that must not be named December 20, 2020
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Its been a little more than a week since Kobe and his daughter aren't here anymore

like if you miss Kobe Bryant
(if you don;t your glad he and his daughter died)
Every like is a heart for Kobe and Gigi along with everyone else who died
On this day at 8: 24 p.m Take a minute of silence for him along with everyone else who passed away
*8:24 pm* February 6
ME: (crying and taking a moment of silence)
by Real_bitch!!! February 4, 2020
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The birthday of Rick Astley, therefore making it national Rick Roll day. Rickroll your mom, Rickroll your teacher. Fuck it, rickroll that Chinese girl down the street. It doesn’t matter how, why, when or where you’re rickrolling, just make sure they get pissed off.
“Man, I keep gettinRickrolled on February 6th, fool”
by Davisworth February 4, 2021
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On February 6 was born the most cool edgy but also cringe people, they are kinda cute though.
person: Oh she is cool little cringe but cute tho
person 2: yeah, she must be born on February 6
by juststraightvibin February 19, 2020
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The most kind hearted, sexiest, and most intelligent person on earth. Also is the best boyfriend ever.
February 6 is when kings are born
by heaven is for real October 16, 2019
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