Hot UK rapper that came out with the smash hit "In Da Pub". Kicked 50 Cent's ass.
Did you get 50 Pence's new cd yet? It's supposed to be off the hook!
by élan July 29, 2003
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The name for a black, English male who represents the American rapper '50 Cent'. Commonly used as an insult or tease.
"Whoah! That guy can rap, he's black and he's been shot just about a million times!"
"Well, isn't he just the next 50 Pence!"
by Parksey26 August 19, 2009
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Essex variation of the Scouse ten bob head. Description of a shoddy, laughable attempt to direct a ball goalwards with the head.
What was that Gaz?! 50 pence head!!
by pinpoint September 9, 2006
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this term is often used in ball sports when the person fucks up the shot or pass.
Pass us the baw *ball flies in opposite direction* haha ur shit 50p or 50 pence foot!
by jismism December 11, 2008
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Used to describe a football player whose passes or shots go anywhere other than intended.

Insinuates that the player's feet at shaped like a seven-sided coin used in the UK, adding a random directional factor to any strike of the ball.
by KloppOut January 12, 2023
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