a code used by the military to label those "unfit for military service" (term predates Final Fantasy games)
Hockney is 4F because of a bad knee.
by Sarah Always Right October 24, 2006
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An illustrious club dealing in the "love 'em and leave 'em" attitude of male/female interactions. This is the 4F club. The sacred tenets of the club are as follows:

I. Find 'em
II. Fell 'em
III. Fuck 'em
IV. Forget 'em

(Most players are card-carrying members of the 4F club.)
That chick is pretty hot and pretty annoying. Seems like a 4F play.
by CQC January 4, 2008
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short for “Fuck Family, Fuck Friends”- you can’t depend on anyone to accomplish things only you can do because no one is living your life but yourself
by KiddPablo July 13, 2019
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Acronym for 'For Fuck's Sake!'
by klippies January 18, 2009
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--a 4Fboy wanks upon seeing Tifa
--acts wapanese

That 4F just knows when to fap over Tifa. That stupid wapanese!

--drools over Cloud
--being a total marachan

You know, just because that 4F marachan bitch just said that FF is the best franchise out there, she just keeps on whining that FF is THE GREATEST!

Pinche puta...
by YOU = TEH WAPANESE April 21, 2004
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People who seem to think that all gaming begins and ends with Final Fantasy. Normally selects a character to "pair up with," normally Cloud, Sephiroth, Squall, Tidus, Tifa, Aeris, or any of the X/X-2 Spice Girls.

Possesses little-to-no talent in any other gaming genre, and will most likely make up the bullshit excuse of it being too difficult, boring, or just not their style. Despite all this they still consider themselves a gamer. Feels no remorse for wasting 30+ hours of their life watching what would be a 2-hour, 2-star movie.

Most likely has a paper fetish due to their inability to land their character, and if female, will try to find a way to make gay fan-fiction pairings between the two.

And finally, probably one of the cockmongers responsible for running the original definition down the drain.
Only a 4F can turn a gaming system into a glorified DVD player.
by Rakshasa May 7, 2004
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