(n) slang for a man's penis. First used by the fictional television character John Locke (Lost) in this dream I had.
John Locke: Man, she is something. If things go right, I might be slipping her the bad knee.
by strangerface March 23, 2010
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A term used to indicate that you're old and/or handicapped and not suitable for physical fight on the streets.
You be in my hood and I take you down.
-I got bad knees, foo.
by c-dog April 3, 2005
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Similar to a bad hair day, but instead of having nasty looking hair, the victim has nasty looking knees. May result in dryness, stubble from shaving, rashes and/or birthmarks.

Most often used by women.
Wow, look at all that stubble. I'm sure having a bad knee day today!
by Hazzat April 23, 2010
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