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FUCK What everyone Says About Fags In San Francisco Thats Only One Street
(Castro) I Think It Is One Of The Best Cities In The World And Me Bein From The Muthafukin Bayveiw Huntaz Point. (HUNTERS POINT)One Of The Most Gangsta Neighbor Hoods In The USA Way More Gangsta Than Pussy Ass Kanas.HAHA Bitches. There's A lot Of Ghettos: Fillmoe, Sunnydale, Ocean Veiw, Bay Veiw, Tinderloin, Etc. If I Din't Say Doesnt Mean I For got! it is a good lookin city besides the gays on castro. A Lot Of SHit To Do In the 415.
San Francisco Is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Better Than These Pussy Mutha Fuckers Hatin On the 415. Im From San Francisco I Will Have Yo Head In A Bag Hatin On San Francisco pussy Ass Kanas
by DUB S July 23, 2005
San Francisco Area Code..
510 is oakland AKA Cokeland i love san francsico and oakland

408 is pussy ass san jose's area code you no the fakest and LEAST hardest city in the Yay area It Is almost as gay as kanas
415 will murder tha hell outta the 408
by DUB S July 23, 2005
The A City In The Bay Area.. It Is A Good City.. Home Of The Body Bags 41510 Connection fukers san francsico and oakland wayyyy better than tha bitch as 408
San Francisco And Oakland Are Really Gangsta.. And San Jose Is A Sissy City
by DUB S July 23, 2005