2 run like never before: 2 catch ghost
ay bra i hit 4 flat on them dudes bra

ay man wen i pull out that gun on him he hit 4 flat
by llqmoney78 May 23, 2010
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This means a girl is flat on both sides. No boobs or ass and, is every skinny. It's a very offencive word to say though..
Damn, that girl 4 flat!
by Mitkatten yo! March 9, 2010
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a term used in Lakeland, Fl usa meaning give, get, got, going. usually someone asking you, as in....you GOT something for me, GIVE me some, hey GET me something, or hey where are you GOING?
man anytime i see freddy, he hit me with the G 4 Flat.....wtf?
dont hit me with the G 4 Flat everytime i come around!
by mills5150 May 31, 2013
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When someone asks if you're interested in doing something like going to a club or sporting event.
Joe: Hey, you down to go to the ball game football game Friday night?

Jayvon replies: I'm down like 4 flats.
by Jboymc September 15, 2021
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When a girl has sex doggy stile while her legs and arms are num
Yo I gave that girl a ford bronco on 4 flat tires.
by Syndrome December 6, 2015
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