1. It's a successful task.

2. It's over.
1. ME: Is it good about me getting transferred out.
BOSS: It's a wrap. It happens first thing Monday.

2. The second I think you're not taking this opportunity serious, it's a wrap for you.
-50 Cent, from "The Money and The Power"
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant October 19, 2008
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From film industry acronym "Wind reel and print" meaning rewind the film and print the rushes.
Said by the director at the end of a scene, indicating that everything appears to be satisfactory.
Hence; any task or event is complete.
"Check the gate and if the sound's OK, that's a wrap. Thanks everybody"
by Recklesswraith September 15, 2007
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meaning something is over, done with, finished.
by Verse June 27, 2004
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It’s over for everybody; a task/something is done.
If she doesn’t bring my sh’t back it’s wraps for her.
by DaniCol April 8, 2019
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to be caught up in something, to get in trouble
Oh shit, Blake got wrapped by the dean for selling weed at school.

Yo, have you seen Will lately? Nah man, he got wrapped and his parents are letting him go out.
by thanoshassparedyou May 14, 2018
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a tobacco paper just for blunts there is no tobacco to scoop out
The wrap is the Chronic.
by tanisha June 13, 2003
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