i took a loaded 4/5 and put an end to that bitch
by jediduck August 1, 2003
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A magically stupid place where all traces of logic have certainly retired in spectacular fashion, and where any nonsensical champions and sociopaths will certainly thrive. On the plus side, there are lots of shenanigans, and the staff cope and survive here by being incredibly inappropriate on all fronts of humanity.
Staff 1: "Hey did you here about the new unit 4-5 hire?"

Staff 2: "Yeah, I heard she's right-fucked"

Staff 3: "She'll fit in just fine...get the goat's blood..."

All STAFF chant: "one of us...one of us...one of us".
by riskitforthebiscuits December 7, 2022
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When something is perfect (6), it degrades significantly (4), only to improve somewhat (5), yet is not as glorious as its former state (6).
Boy 1: "Dude...you know my totally awesome dog, Rover?"

Boy 2: "yeah of course. He's remarkable!!"

Boy 1: "yeah...he got hit by a truck last Monday."

Boy 2: "Mondays really do suck, dude"

Boy 1: "Yeah, well he went to the vet in really bad conditions, but got relased and now he only has three legs. I just don't know what to do anymore, man"

Boy 2: "dude...6-4-5 man, get over it."
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it stands for the 40's,50's, and the 60's which are street numbers that make up north oakland.
If u from da norph then u gottah say u from da 4-5-6
by J.DuB May 28, 2005
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From an automatic win when rolling dice in ceelo, used as an adjective to describe any best-case scenario.
"I found a winning lottery ticket in my new office after my promotion when I was banging the infertile supermodel secretary they imported for me. Today was 4-5-6."
by InstantRamen February 9, 2010
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