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370 - To disappear without a trace (as in Malaysian flight 370)
Fred: Where's that leftover Chinese food I left in the fridge?
Barney: I think it 370'd.
by Rock and Roll Sok April 02, 2014
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Pronunciation: "Three-Seventy."
Definition: To disappear without a trace. Like Malaysian Airlines 370. *Poof!*
Example 1:
Rambro: "What if the cops show?"
Bronilla Ice Ice Baby: "We go 370 on that shit."

Example 2:
Brohammer: "Can I borrow your phone for a sec? Mine went 370 this morning."

Example 3:
Fixie McMustache el Ducherino: "Lock up your bike or it'll 370."

Example 4:
Big Broner: "They sent Grandma to a nursing home???"
L'il Broner: "Yeah Bro, her brain is taking a westward into 370."
Big Broner: "Bummer."

Example 5:
{Sorry, the example you're looking for has 370'd.}
by Anal Spittoon March 17, 2014
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Someone or something that disappears, goes missing or is late for an appointment. Pronounced: three seventy.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH-370 went missing on the 8th of March 2014.
John's done another 370, I haven't seen him in weeks.
by tmud April 14, 2014
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