The number that started the entire AFI (a fire inside) clandestine theory. the number many theories are based off of. which lead to 337. to this day, 10/11/05, the mystery has not been discovered.
336 has nothing to do with anything. its what comes after

have you heard about AFI's 336 mystery?
by Leaves October 11, 2005
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When an inmate gets pubic hair "glued" to his face with semen after engaging in oral sex with another inmate.

Named for the area code in NC where this ran "rampant" in county jails.
Yo, check the 336 on Marv's face!
by TRUFFER October 23, 2009
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No, it is not a mystery, It is a greeting to the almighty KKK.

the 33 is 3x the 11th letter of the alphabet (K) and the 6 is for the current era of the Klan.

It is often used as a Klansman Greeting
WHITE POWER FTW! The KKK is still alive! 336!!!
by -Zar March 9, 2008
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Refers to Winston Salem NC, and it's area code 336. A play on Toronto "The 6".
Bruh, he from the best city in the south, The 336.
by 336 god March 9, 2015
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