The title of the second single from Ton Loc, which was (co-)written by Young MC, and released on the Delicious Vinyl record label in the late 80's.

In the video, Ton Loc demystifies the "funky cold medina" when he points to a bottle of Absolut Vodka. Though the concept of a "funky cold medina" is generally a drink - not just pure vodka. It's made by pouring one oz respectively of Absolut Vodka, Southern Comfort and Blue Curaçao over ice and topped of with cranberry juice.

"Funky Cold Medina" was also re-recorded in 2000, this time Ton Loc teamed up with ZZ Brothers.
... and a funky cold medina for the lady.
by krapnek February 9, 2004
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1) a title of a popular rap song by tone loc. the funky cold medina in the song is an unknown substance that makes the ladies love ya.
"I asked the guy, why you so fly? he said funky cold medina"

"put a little medina in youre glass and the chicks will come real quick"
by j-la August 13, 2003
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Ive found two different meanings on the internet for this term as well as one I found using the lyrics from the song "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone LOC.

Aperently for one it is an alcoholic drink made by pouring 1 oz. Absolut Vodka, 1 oz. Southern Comfort, and 1 oz. Blue Curaçao and cranberry juice on top of ice.

The other found online is it is some sort of disease which origionated in the arabian city of Medina in north africa, which I actually found on this web page (look down).

The last one, which I derived myself was that it is a non-alcoholic date-rape drug which Tone LOC talks about using in his song.
"So I gave some(Funky Cold Medina) to my dog, when he began to beg
Then he licked his bowl and he looked at me
And did the Wild Thing on my leg"

"I went up to this girl, she said, "Hi, my name is Sheena"
I thought she'd be good to go with a little Funky cold Medina
She said, "I'd like a drink, " I said OK, I'd go get it
Then a couple of sips, she sold licked her lips
And I knew that she was with it"
by GrottyLittleWanker December 14, 2004
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to label something funky or fucked up with a little extra pizzazz.
Oh no, Steve banged your mom & sister . . . at the same time!?!?!?
That is funky cold medina brother.
by lift-ticket July 31, 2006
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Funky Cold Medina is generally anything you take to help you let loose.

Medina was a common surname for black families in Spain. The name came to be associated with being truthful, and "Medina" would be spoken to say "that's the truth". Rapper Flavor Flav would use Cold Medina as an affirmation. The Beastie Boys were on the same record label as Flav at the time. They liked the new '80s cocktail, the Fuzzy Navel, but hated the name, so they nicknamed it the Cold Medina because they liked the sound of it. That caught on and Cold Medina became a popular nickname for the drink. Whereas it was popular to order a stronger version of the Fuzzy Navel and refer to it as a Hairy Navel, those who called the drink a Cold Medina called the stronger version a Funky Cold Medina. The names would often also be used to describe any drink you'd buy someone at a bar, hoping it would reduce their inhibitions. After Flavor Flav suggested Tone Loc use it in a song, fellow rapper Young MC wrote it for him, Loc found himself with a hit, and the name became more widely popular. Since then, it has been attributed to several other cocktails and also a marijuana strain.
I set them up on a double date with us. At first, they were pretty quiet and awkward with one another, but a little funky cold medina and they got along great.
by Mascmo September 25, 2020
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A common Indica, Sativa hybrid strain of marijuana. Notoriously referenced by 90's rapper Tone Loc in his song named as such.
Hey Mike, pass me some of that funky cold medina.
by HildaHernandez June 5, 2020
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Usually done as a payback for a favor such as a blumpkin, or a rusty trombone... This is a maneuver where you stick one ice cube in the girl's ass (making a swirl-like motion with your finger, plugging the ice cube inside) whilst you eat her pussy with 2 ice cubes in your mouth.
Baby, i'll take this frozen shecum all over my face, hand, and bed as a sign that you appreciate the FUNKY COLD MEDINA I just did for you. It was the least I could do, after you made my jizz do a polevault over the shower curtain with that blumpkin you just gave me.
by Mah The Falka January 6, 2012