The absolute greatest and best video game ever made, wherein a large ball of stuff is rolled around, picking up other stuff until it gets larger and can pick up bigger stuff.

Defeated Godzilla.
by Flynn Taggart November 9, 2004
A game made by people who were on overdoese of several illegal substances at once. Strangely, the gameplay is as addictive as those illegal substances.
What ever drugs the makers of Katamari Damacy are using, I WANT THEM!!!
by Okita-Sama April 6, 2005
the GREATEST GAME EVAR!!!!!!!!!!! way better than Halo 2 so there :P
dude: Dude, I just got Halo 2.
kool guy: I just got Katamari Damacy.
dude: damn why do I always get the crappy games.
kool guy: cause u suck.
by anonymouse February 1, 2005
Also known as Katamari Damashii. A video game for the Playstation 2. Story:The King of Cosmos was drunk one night and destroyed the stars in the sky with his reckless driving. As the Prince of Cosmos, it is up to you to go to earth (Japan to be exact), roll up as many things as you can into a ball called a "katamari" (which means "ball" or "clump" in japanese), and throw it into the heavens - so it will become a new star.
The game is easy to learn, very addictive, and extremely fun. Only the two analog sticks on the PS2 controller are used, along with a few others that serve minor purposes. You begin rolling up small objects such as erasers and thumbtacks, but by the games end, your "katamari" consists of buildings, giant squids, clouds, and even islands.
If you like innovative titles, or just plain fun ones, pick this game up. It's only $20! ROYAL RAINBOW!
Katamari Damashii is the most innovative game of 2004, or perhaps EVER.
by Mashyuu January 30, 2005
The most random game ever that's so japanese that it bleeds. You play the prince of the Cosmos, who's dad destroyed the stars because it was fun, and sent you to Earth to make them out of whatever you could find.
It. Is. In. Sane. It's the best game EVER made.
ROYAL RAINBoW !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Royal Rainbow!!!! April 2, 2005
The most kick ass game ever. The name actually isn't Japanese, but is a misspelling of "Calamari Democracy", which is English for "government based on squids".

The story is fascinating. The King of All Cosmos (or in other words, God) gets drunk one nights and eats all the stars. In an attempt to fix things before his wife gets back, he calls up his bastard son Prince(you) and tells him to go down to Earth and roll up anything he can find(including children)into a ball, which will then be compressed into a star. The King of All Cosmos is sometimes not impressed with your hard work and will yell at you and make you cry as you lay ready to die from exhaustion.
The King also throws up rainbows and thinks all of your cousins are disturbing.
Why, it's your cousin Mel! Are you still married to Janet? How disturbing.

by The Zookeeper August 2, 2005