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something you get for doing well on your first grade homework assignment
jimmy got a sticker for spelling 'cat'
by gspot August 25, 2005
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Thing you put on someones mouth to shut them up while your kidnapping them.
Guy: Shut up! *slaps sticker on guy's mouth*
Other Guy: MMGFFMFFMMFMMF (What the eff?!)
by Today's Schedule March 26, 2007
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n. pl.- the things street racers put on there cars to make them go faster and look fuglier usually

Also seen as 'Stickas'
WHOA! DUDE, check out that car! its got billions of stickers on it! I gots to gets me some stickas for my car, it will give me 10 hp for each sticker!
by Dzyl March 11, 2004
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someone who has a double role. One who prentends to be fake; false character; plastic.
sometimes I act like a sticker, but for real, for real I"m a paper.
by Sauni September 28, 2004
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