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When a person stays roughly 24 hours in a closed establishment, usually recording the event, trying not to be caught doing so by staff, guards, or cameras.
"You wanna go do the 24 hour challenge?" "Nah bro too risky"
by RandomLesbian133 December 05, 2016
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The 24 hour challenge is just that - once nominated, you have 24 hours to upload a video of you doing something outlandish in your gitch, outside in the sub-zero cold. After your stunt, you must immediately thank whoever nominated you for the nomination, nominate 3 people and tell them they have 24 hours to complete the challenge. Lastly, you must chug a beer.
"I got frostbite on my ass cheeks while trying to straddle a metal pole in -30 degree weather as I was doused in buckets of ice cold water and then I jumped into the Welland canal in nothing but my gitch"

"Why the fuck would you do that!?"

"I was nominated for the 24 hour challenge, why the fuck else would I do that!?"
by NiagaraPride February 03, 2014
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