The hottest,cutest,smartest,kindest,strongest people where born on that date
“U were born on 24 February, u must be an amazing person
by Onlyangel;)23 October 24, 2020
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The cutest and the most gorgeous people in the world, they make people happy, mostly of the time they get so shy, but if you’ll to know them better, you’ll absolutely love them
“This person was born on the 24 february,they’re unique
by Onlyangel;)23 October 24, 2020
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second world sex day! Everyone should have sex with their partner and not only ...
example: My love is 24 February I hope you do not have a headache ...
example:Let’s fuck
by Hello kitty the blue February 24, 2022
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The day where you can get drunk.

And don’t u dare call ur ex.
24 february jsjsjsj
by imgaytostay February 23, 2021
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If you were born in this day your fashionable cause you were born when Paris Fashion week happens. You put the Fashion in February and the Pisces in Paris.
February 24, I love it.
by dietmercedes April 3, 2020
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This day marks the birth of the greatest human to ever live, but is she really human. we don't know??
she could be the direct spawn of Satan himself but she is an absolute queen and you shall bow down to hear and appreciate that not only you but the whole universe has been graced by her amazing glowing presence.....
Bob: " its February 24th"
Bill: " Omg mate bow down in respect the queen of the universe was born on this day"
* everyone bows down*
by Just a demon October 24, 2019
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