More than 1 thing and less that 3 things.
Hym "...Hahaha!"

Iam "Oh! Before we go, 2 things: To answer your question about 'what we imitate,' the thing we imitate is 'the thing that creates the world with articulated thought.' I don't know if you were leaving it open for dramatic effect or if you genuinely don't know the answer but, yeah... And about the postmodernist assertion that the impetus behind our action is the drive to power. The reason the is no articulated counter argument is that he his correct. But only situationally. That is a thing that people do, sometimes. That's what you haven't seemed to learn yet. There is no 'We.' There is only 'You (in aggregate)' I think it's a bit of a projection on his part. So, yeah, that's the response. 'Situationally but not in general.' "
by Hym Iam July 1, 2022
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Also known as super thing, thing king, kid dynamite, chocolate thunda or Ben.
Thing 1 would like to say that thing 2 is in know way inferior to him and people should just deal with it. It's a 'thing' thing.
by McPoopyButt May 4, 2016
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