Mostly applies to guys named zack that are white and lonely
Look at zacks 2 inches
by Thatmanblacklight October 4, 2018
When the mans your after has a dick of approximately only 2 inches but your still tryna fuck
Oree likes that 2 inches over there.
by Secx expert 69 April 11, 2019
Callum has a 2 Inch
I stuck my 2 Inch in a cow
by Sweal June 28, 2020
you have a 2 inch
by chazer6571 January 9, 2020
The 2 inch punisher belongs to a failed pornstar and uses it to fluff blotch and stretch out his butthole and make him bleed on accident. It is very small penis but gets the job done on the cat.
I use my 2 inch punisher to fluff blotch.
the 2 inches added to the end of a ruler when a man measures his penis.
mines 9 inches, with the costamary 2 inch rule.
by fatassbuddabelly August 20, 2006