a really small penis that can't cum or anything, you might as well refer to it as a undersized pool noodle. Also usually found on a Nate Doge.
Girl: Why isn't your 2 Inch Punisher working?
Boy with 2 Inch Punisher: Don't you know? These don't work, maybe try with a Cade, that will be much better.
by Nate Doge August 29, 2019
The 2 Inch Punisher may be small but dont let your guard down... although its so small that immediately make women burst into laughter and make you question existence, it packs a mean punch or "punishment."
Chelsea: Did you know Arnell Williams has a 2 Inch Punisher?
Alaina: Ughhh yes but it its not called the 2 Inch Punisher for no reason. It destroys this coochie!
Chelsea: You mind sharing sis?! Josiah just has a 2 incher.
by Arnell caught simpin May 20, 2020
The rare exception of a short penis that can deliver surprisingly pleasant results.
His 2 inch punisher pleased me in a way that I could not imagine.
by Urbandefinitions123454331 April 2, 2015
A sexual term, describing the action of placing a finger in an anus and thumb in the vagina, then pinching. Or vice-versa.
Last night was great, I gave my woman the old 2 inch pinch.
by hoary marmot January 7, 2008
A dick that is only 2 inches long which is about this long ===============================

Ezra has a 2 inch dick but he still fucks alot of girls
by hahaz November 9, 2008
a guy with a 2-inch penis, however he can finish the job with hard thrusts and intimidating behavior
timmy: “come bang.”
girl in group chat with two friends: “why he think I want this 2-inch punisher???”
by lexijanie27 January 15, 2018
my friend decided to make me put this as my first entry here we go anyways. basically it's doo doo mcninch, aka 2 inch mcninch, a man with a 2 incher with the last name mcninch
Shane: 2 inch mcninch is gonna rock your world
by john-os_pseudonym August 26, 2022