3 definitions by I fluff my cat with the 2 inch

When you try out for a porno with your cat and u accidentally only last 20 seconds and the cat scratches you on the 2 inch punisher so u bleed out your penis and u try to clean it up with a tampon and ur mom catches fluffing the cat so now she disowns you and you live on the street with the cat!
I’m now a failed pornstar so I fluff blotch on the street!
The 2 inch punisher belongs to a failed pornstar and uses it to fluff blotch and stretch out his butthole and make him bleed on accident. It is very small penis but gets the job done on the cat.
I use my 2 inch punisher to fluff blotch.
Blotch is thicc fluffin cat with the fattest booty cheeks u have ever seen and gets punished by the 2 inch every single morning and has a stretched asshole because of the 2 inch and now lives on the street with a failed pornstar.
The failed fluffed blotch until he bled.