A hairstyle worn by emo kids where two-fifths of their face is obstructed by their hair.
AJ: I went to the Fall Out Boy concert last night.
Thomas: How many 2/5's did you punch
AJ: Me? 3. Daniel? 8.
Thomas: Tits.
by Elite CAT May 9, 2008
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2-5 is a section of Landover, Maryland in Prince George's County. The area is centered on Dodge Park road off of Landover Road. The area gets its name from the 25 Hour store located on Dodge Park Rd. near Kings Square Apartments.
"Oh you live in Landova?"

"Yeah son, Kings Square, 2-5 all day!"
by Only1k2 March 23, 2008
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A sort of Area Code for Landova (Landover) Located in Prince George's County, Maryland. It is often shouted out in gogo music.
Reppin dat 2-5 4 Lyfe.
by C-Boss January 14, 2008
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Similiar to 5-0, but they are security guards, rent-a-cops, etc.
by Megloyvan March 11, 2005
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2+2=5 comes from the book "1984", where the Government had so deeply trained society to instantly, without thought, accept any official statement as true and instantly erase the past (2+2=4). Harkens to the Marxist belief that the State is the ultimate truth and individuals with an alternate "truth" are dissidents. Some employers and leaders also fall into this belief that reality is nothing but paradigms despite empiric facts offered by "not a team player" people.
2 + 2 = 5 because that is the party line.
by T. F. October 1, 2005
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One of the ultimate focusing tricks to use. Let's say you have five things you need to get done. Make sure they're startable within ten minutes. Work on them for ten minutes (10). Then take a break for two minutes (+2). Then do this five times (*5). If you are not asian and/or good at math, this equals one hour. You will be surprised at the amount of work you have finished in one hour.

If you haven't noticed yet as well, you notice that you begin to skip breaks. *sneeze* what?
I've got these things I need to get done.

I'll use (10+2)*5.
Do one thing for 10 minutes.
2-minute break usable for anything.
Do this five times.
by Hello moto September 3, 2006
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A reference to 1984; signifies somebody has been completly whipped/controled to the point that the person believes/will do anything the whipee/controler tells them. Usually used to mock a friend who has decided to pass up a night with the friends to go do something incredibly gay with their signifcant other.

It's also the title to a radiohead song
Pat: well i would stay and drink with you guys but Heather beeped me and said she needs me to go help her pick out a new purse.
Paul: Yeah, you go do that you fricken douche.
Luke: Hey Pat, wtf does 2+2 equal again?
by el chat March 26, 2005
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