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a show on MTV featuring the trashy teenagers of America.

it's about 16 -year old sluts who get pregnant and then whine and complain about it. no one forced to you to put that dick between your legs.

basically these girls are gonna end up being highschool dropouts, not doing much with their life.its gonna be us taxpayers who end up paying for their 'mistake" when they go on welfare.
why MTV made a show about this puzzles me. but it isnt the first time they made a show about white trash hoes and it sure as hell wont be the last

btw forgot to add :most of the chicks are ugly effing bitches .
one episode of 16 and pregnant involved a 16 yr old who not only was pregnant herself but her mother was too, and gave birth to the girls brother only a few months before the 16-yr-old did
now if thats not white trash thenIDK what is.
by i need you so bad July 12, 2009
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Terrible "reality show" on MTV. Usually concerns a ho/cheerleader who gets knocked up by an Eminem wannabe/moron usually called Chad, Ryan or Jared. They give out about how *more* ruined their lives are now that they have been stupid enough to spawn brats.

Wear condoms for crying out loud!!

It depresses me that these people breed.

I remember when MTV used to do music videos.
Today on 16 and pregnant, more white trash getting knocked up by white trash.
by Hirsute1 August 26, 2010
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A reality T.V show which involves teenage sluts (usually, going by the name: Chelsea or Alexis) moaning about how they got pregnant and have no money.

They go on this show to get money and ashame their family's on showing how much of a whore they are, usually the father is some 20 year old high school drop out who will have nothing to do with the child and will go nowhere in life except selling 15 year olds cocaine and ruining their lives.

These girls are also usually highschool drop-outs and will become raging alcoholics who's daughters become whores and get pregnant at 16 and the process is repeated...
The girl on 16 and Pregnant became pregnant by sticking a dick in between her legs and becoming a slut...
by Hdhdnskka November 07, 2012
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A show on MTV profiling the lives of teen girls (all from either the south or midwest and all from working-class backgrounds) and how fucked up their lives become after getting pregnant. About 90% of the show's content features the girls arguing and swearing at their parents and/or baby daddy about stupid shit (shows how harsh pregnancy hormones hit) or breaking down at the stress of having fucked without a rubber.

This show is like junk food for the mind a la The Jerry Springer Show/Maury. It is to TV what cash4gold is to fine jewelers, or what University of Phoenix is to the Ivy League.
by ConservatismSucks June 02, 2010
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Is a tv show about 16 year old girls who become pregnant, their boyfriends are all still present. All of the dads except for Maci's boyfriend were very helpful, Josh- Ebony's boy friend is very helpful, he even got Ebony food,drinks and a chair to rest her feet on after she just got home from the hospital. 16 and Pregnant is a very good show that shows you a very important issue and it also shows you the truth in it,unlike The Secret life of the American Teenager,which I might add is also somewhat truthful and a very good show also.

Oh yeah and the only single mom is Farrah, but she chose to keep the daddy out of the baby's life.

All the couples names are:
Maci and Ryan with Baby Bentley
Farrah with Baby Sophia
Amber and Gary with Baby Leah
Ebony and Josh with Baby Jocelyn
Whitney and Weston with Baby Weston Jr
Catelyn and Tyler with their baby who was adopted

Contrary to what most of you think, this isn't trashy at all!
Ebony and Fiance Josh are having a baby girl.
16 and Pregnant,yo!?
by KAYLA,YO? August 21, 2009
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