A term referring to a highly sensitive girl that gets offended by anything and everything.

Highly active on Twitter and is probably a fan of kpop , a good way to spot them is their heavy use of emojis like "💅😌✨" and a (Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Kpop, Megan Thee Stallion) profile picture, probably having an argument with someone in twitter replies.
Michael: Broooo have u seen Emily she's so fineee
Me: Yeah but she a twitter girl I advice you to stay away
by Perc31 October 1, 2020
A fake profile on Twitter that has a picture of a sexy woman.

Also applies to facebook.
"Why'd you accept her as a friend on facebook? She's a twitter girl!"
by mystrumpet May 2, 2010
A 14 year old twitter girl is a fatherless girl who claims to have 5 mental illnesses and is pan sexual and non binary and thinks terms such as “hog rider” are offensive without a knowledge of the meaning of said term. the twitter girl also usually has hair the resembles a blue raspberry icee in the shape of a dog turd
Shut up your a 14 year old twitter girl cereal is a soup you piece of shit