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A blah friend is a friend that gets annoying very fast but you keep them around simply because you’re bored. A blah friend usually talks about their life when no one asked. If you’re a blah friend, stop.
Friend: bro idk Vanessa has been acting like such a blah friend lately

Friend 2: so why are you still friends with her?

Friend: because she’s the only person to talk to when I’m bored.
by Haileyislazy on insta June 21, 2020
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A “14 year old girl” will seek attention by any means possible, like fake depression and nudes. Not all 14 year old girls are like this but most of them are. Be smart, don’t act like a 14 year old girl.
Person: yo I heard Beth turned 14 today
Person 2: she’s gonna be a total 14 year old girl
by Haileyislazy on insta June 20, 2020
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