3 definitions by eli :D

a cool person
usually gets good grades or something, i don't know
helps people with their math homework
ayo did you hear that meriyan got a 6 in math?
by eli :D June 01, 2021
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1312 stands for All Cops Are Bastards (or bastardized). 1-A 3-C 1-A 2-B
If we put the letters together, we get ACAB. ACAB also stands for All Cops Are Bastards.
Eli: ACAB! 1312! Defund the police!
Mary: Blue Lives Matter!!!!!!!
Eli: No, they don't. Blue is not a life.
by eli :D January 04, 2021
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usually goes by the nickname "robbery bob". he thinks that he could steal your girl, but he actually never can and never will.
he is rich, but will never lend you money.

used to look like justin bieber.
person 1: "i asked robbery bob for money, but he wouldn't give me any :("
person 2: "yeah, that's robbe for you."
by eli :D June 22, 2021
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