They Love each other❤️
He can’t get enough of her.
She can’t remember being

Loved like this
by NeverEnough_258 August 09, 2021
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Why the fuck are you looking this up mother fucker??

A common password for Madden 2005 and the first numbers you learn
Jenna: chocolate jubbly slide sounds good to me!!!

Sam: Throw in a Wake-Up Call for good measure

Max: I can count up to G!
1 - 2 - 3 - 4
by JC December 11, 2004
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An old proverb from 2019 which means fuck you and lick my dickk
Mick mirku: Have you been sitting today

Ziib pai: 1234

Mick mirku: I've been thinking about murdering you
by Karitsa July 04, 2019
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The worst f■cking code you could use for anything EVER.
Thief1:"Im gonna see if i can get into Anna's phone"
Thief1:"yo i got her password on the first try its 1234 lmao what a retard"
by neeb sleeb March 22, 2020
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