you typed your entire keyboard with the numberpad with capitilazation lol
i typed `~1!2@3#4$5%6^7&8*9(0)-_=+qQwWeErRtTyYuUiIoOpP{}\|aAsSdDfFgGgHhjJkKlL;:'"zZxXcCvVbBnNmM,<.>/?789+456+123 so i can know the answer to what this means but i dont know what it means what does it mean what w
by vh bng December 1, 2021
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When one proclaims an urgency, to smoke that bowl.
Yo, quit flapping your gums and S.T.B.123 already!
by Paul Behnke March 7, 2008
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Ur mom abc 123 yay is the worst user of urban dictionary. If your user is this then I feel sorry. This person is the worst to be friends with! If you ever come across them then contact the authorities because they will try and harass you. They have wrote a hurtful hate speech towards everyone who’s named Eshal! If you search “Eshal” EXACTLY Eshal spelled with a capital E and scroll down then you’ll find a definition made by them saying that anyone named Eshal sucks.
Person 1 : Hey! Your mom abc 123 yay just tried to harass me! She called me ugly too 😕
Person 2 : Don’t worry, she’s a low life and only bullies other to feel cool and loved!
by donateurcat April 17, 2022
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