Dude, did you hear Mike got busted with two pounds of weed??!?! I told him he shouldn't be moving so much weight.

I don't know about that, he should just have followed the 11th Commandment
by __SomeGuy__ August 16, 2010
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An unwritten rule of the ten commandments; don't go against a promise made to god involving the prohibition of wanking. I.e if an individual swears to god they won't wank for a week then they must not wank for a week, unless they want to be sent to the devils kingdom.
Samantha: Hey John, ive noticed you haven't been yourself today and you appear paranoid or distressed, its ok to tell me whats been going on.

John: Well its not the easiest topic to discuss, look, I broke the 11th Commandment. You see three days ago I swore on god that I wouldnt wank of a week but I was going through one of my dads old playboys magazines last night and couldn't resist the immense urge of busting a nut.
by nathooo January 1, 2018
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“Share always; share all ways.”

Note: the 11th Commandment was suppressed by the Church as subversive.

Sharing on a wide scale is a most dangerous threat to the powers that be whose wealth depends on maintaining and enforcing economic systems based on usury, debt peonage, wage slavery, false scarcity and the deprivations of poverty (and until it was banned, debtor’s prison and the poor house. See also the works of author Charles Dickens).

The institutions of private property - the right to exclude all others from enjoyment or use of a resource or asset - is subverted by those who dare to share.
When my smart-ass skeptic ex-husband asked me “so, if you’re so smart, what’s the 11th Commandment?”; I meditated and prayed for three days until it was revealed to me that to the 11th Commandment is “share always, share all ways”
by ‘Aether 00 October 3, 2022
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this is the 11th commandment:
11.thou shalt not take thy religion too serioulsy because god(being perfect and all) has a good sense of humour.
wow that church and state guy should really take a break with his religious dogma,he should heed the 11th commandment!
by long live the FSM January 11, 2008
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This is not an extra rule that would contradict with God's laws; instead, it promotes and defends them.

11. Thou shalt displayeth the Ten Commandments in all public places.
Like it or not, there is no Separation of Church and State. It says nowhere in the Constitution of such a policy. However, people have the right to not be oppressed by a particular religion, but they still can't have that religion taken away from people.
by I Worship the Lord February 22, 2005
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