When people see you got your shit together they always want to hold you to a higher standard. Like when a female been fucking with niggas for a bag of weed but when you come along she need dinner ,a movie and a bill paid.
Yo remember that bitch Candace niggas was smashing for a Springfield soda and a bag of Cheetos..? Yo why she try to give me the $100 burger
by Clint Morning Wood May 25, 2019
A small, but attractive or sexy man. Perhaps he wouldn’t do for your main man because he’s so small but would be a nice little snack.
“See the short guy over there? I think he’s checking you out”
“Yeah, he’s super hot. Too bad he’s so small.”
“100 calorie snack?”
by Jrhrh11 August 8, 2018
Something people say to obtain a confirmation form another person.
"Dude, you can dye water in Minecraft Bedrock!"
"Are you 100? I'm not sure"
by God of family-friendliness January 3, 2022
The fancy version of Mary Jane's number.
"Type ln(69)*(100-0.666) in your calculator"
"Dude, that's the TV remote."
by Mr. Smith, Jr. November 30, 2020
The best crew/squad on earth would be describe as 100 Crew. You can’t get better and it really tends to be an all girls squad because really who needs boys...well me but let’s ignore that.
That is SO 100 Crew.
by KalaniZ January 9, 2018