The scale is used to rate females on how attractive they are. A "1" would be someone similar to a wrinkley old grandma (unless you're into that kind of stuff). I have yet to see a "10" as they are so rare.
Home boii 1: Yo' man my girl is a solid 10 (on the 1-10 Female attractiveness scale)
Home boii 2: Damn! How much did you pay her to stay with your sorry ass?
Home boii 1: Bruh
by I'm Kiki September 1, 2016
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This is the definitive scale for female attractiveness formulated by a small sample of 4 guys and 1 girl
1-10 Female attractiveness scale

10-Supermodel, Ridiculously hot

9- Hottest girl in her High School/College

8-Hot enough to brag about/ could 1 day model

7- A hot girlfriend

6- GF material. You would date her

5- Screw-able/ you would sleep with her if there was no commitment

4- Nice face and one significant body part

3- Has 1 Significantly attractive body part

2- Would get head from her without looking at her

1- Either retarded or ridiculous in the worst way
by Kaokashin December 8, 2011
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This is how you judge a girl based on looks.

2) Gross!
3) Ew...
4) Meh...
5) Average.
6) A lil hot.
7) Hot.
8) Smokin'.
10) *Starts jerking off*
Jason: Hey, rate her 1-10 fam.
Ethan: DAYUM! If we talkin' 1-10 Female attractiveness scale, probably a nine.
by nutsacia September 8, 2016
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10: Marry on the spot, perfect score, makes you cry alittle on the inside becuase hot damn.
9: amazing friend, really good relationship, candidate for marriage

8:really good friend, good relationship, very possible love interest

7: good friend, possible love interest

6: alright friend, above average, but not by much, small time love interest
5: alright person, not to shabby, good if you're desperate,

4: meh, at least your not alone
3: really man, this is the best you can find? Suit yourself I guess
2: you need to reevaluate your life choices, there's still some hope, but act fast. At least she isn't a 1 won't cut it forever.
1: straight psychobitch, just end it quick now, trust me, I dated a 0

0: ... *whispers* halp... me...
Guy: ah man, I totally just got a 7 on the 1-10 female attractiveness scale!
Man: ah righteous man, I just got a 6!
Dude in the corner holding hands with Satan herself: Must be nice...
by icecreamsometimesisn'tenough August 28, 2016
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The female beauty is rated on a scale front 1 to 10 being :
1 - really ugly (not even surgery would fix it )
2 - ugly
3 - below average

4 - butterface (nice body, ugly face )
5 - slightly below average
6 - average
7 - cute
8 - hot

9 - pretty hot
10 - supermodel (unachieavable standart of beauty for those without money enough)
"In the 1-10 Female attractiveness scale, Sofia Vergara is a 10"
by Kevin Propau September 18, 2016
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1-10 Female attractiveness scale is a measure used to rate the attractiveness of women,

where 10 is the most attractive women you've ever came across, and 1 is the ugliest.

Of course everyone has different preferences, so results are varying when asking different people.
Only if its about a absolute smoking hot 10 or a bearded 1, people seem to get the same results.
Nevertheless this is a absolutely subjective scale.
1-10 Female attractiveness scale example use:
Dude 1: "Dude, check out the girl over there! A perfect 10!"
Dude 2: "Are you crazy man? Maybe a 6, tops!"
by Bukket August 31, 2016
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How many hours after a woman is dead you would have sex with her. If she has been dead for 10 hours she is a 10.
John: "Steve what the fuck are you doing she's been dead for 5 hours?"
Steve: "You're right she's a four at best"
~1-10 Female attractiveness scale~
by Casket and Craddle Robber August 29, 2016
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