This one tiny dot is more powerful than you think. It can end sentences, plus you literally for most of your life are going to have to remember this one dot. Also, you probably already know this but you also had to spend several years learning a bunch about this single dot. It’s popularity is so high several words are named after it. I guess maybe it would be polite to honor this amazing small dot. And, not so fun but a fact... This dot has been used in this definition about 9 times including the next dot at the end of this sentence.
by glitchieeee February 27, 2021
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The expression used by girls on roblox when someone insults them and/or think a person is being stupid.
fruitgeris: “yo this music disc from minecraft is awesome, what’s the Id for it?”

Subaru712: “hold on a sec let me get it “

XxgamergirlxX: “.”
by Flådig Man January 25, 2021
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This is a period you fucking idiot. See I just used it and im going to use it again just after I end this sentence. Because that's what periods do they end sentances . PERIOD.
by BallerDefiner May 28, 2015
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