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a suffix commonly used among wangsters and other poser as such. used to replace the -er sound on the end of words, such as shurrr, thurr, hurrr, strominaturrr, burrr its cold out hurrr.
I like it when you put it right thurrr
by strom March 14, 2004
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word used after someone says or does something gross. something else unexplainable natives do.
Jim: *pukes on Bill's feet*
Bill: URRR buddy
by Big G up in the hizzood February 09, 2005
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a suffix used to portray one self as "gangsta" (but really you are just saying it to be cool but everyone around you thinks you are an idiot)
Strom: furr shurrr my bruthurrr
Me: Yeh...shut up you (but do not worry i still luv you)
by Princess Julia March 16, 2004
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