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One of the most underused emojis in existence, often being replaced by the overused πŸ˜‚ or 🀣. Oh, wait, you're here for a definition, not my pathetic sob story, aren't you? Well, the definition is a laugh of 6.5 LOL value.
Jimmy : Hey, it's hard to find a good cheese pun, but Brie somehow manage to find a Gouda one! πŸ₯
Brien: This triggers me, but I πŸ˜† anyway.
Jimmy: Oh
by ✨PeachyKeyLime✨ April 17, 2017
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Modern version of xD, currently most used by "millennials", that is, those under 18.

It's important not to blame them for their folly, for their brains are still developing at this age.
preteen: LOL so random πŸ˜†
by Luu puss May 29, 2018
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