a) Fashionable; in the current style or fashion.

b) (US) Served with ice cream.
"we served the apple pie à la mode"
by Devilwymyn October 1, 2011
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The occasion in which defalcation and ejaculation occur simultaneously. Also may be referred to as shitting and cumming
“Dang! That guy’s layinlogs and sploogin’ sauce! He’s makin’ Brownies à La Mode!”
by sandwichdanger July 23, 2020
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"In honor of..." "According to..." "In the style of..."

The phrase is often shortened simply to à la. Translated from latin, it basically means "In the style of."
Hunter guy1: I totally shot that deer à la mode de Davy Crockett!

Hunter guy2: You mean while wearing a coon-skin hat? but I don't see no coon-skin--

Hunter guy1: No, with a musket, you tard!
by nubluva April 3, 2007
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The act of performing oral sex with ice cream. While this can be a delicious treat on several levels, it is not recommended to use anything with chocolate chips or nuts which may slip down into the grundle once the melting begins causing skin irritation, or even worse an accidental bite.
A couple discusses which flavor to use to perform a Blow Job À La Mode
Girl: Can we try Rainbow Sherbet?
Guy: That's what the gay's use.
Girl: York Peppermint Pattie?
Guy: That might burn.
Girl: Neapolitan
Guy: Maybe if two if your friends come over.
Girl: French Vanilla?
Guy: How will you know what's what afterwords?
Girl: Chocolate?
Guy: Giddy up. Put it in the microwave while I drop trow.
by kman8 February 26, 2009
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