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A character on the keyboard with literally no purpose whatsoever. It looks like an idiot's apostrophe but is referred to as a "grave accent." Its secondary function is a ~ (the tilde), which is basically just the same thing. No purpose whatsoever.
Who the hell put the ` on the keyboard? No one ever told me what the fuck it's supposed to do anyway.
by eners49 February 05, 2017
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Punctuation that Myspacers use instead of the apostrophe. (') Absolutely makes no sense at all.

Sometimes used with:

it`s all good
what`s upppppppppppp?????????? <333333333333333333
by Hernando Cortes June 24, 2007
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A key with no purpose. Basically an idiot's apostrophe. I read a lot and I've never seen this piece of crap in any book or short story.
Idiot: My sentence`s grammar is correct.
Smart person: My sentence's grammar is correct
by Mudkipz are da best September 18, 2018
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What idiots use as an apostrophe.
Or as a random thing on there user name or email to make it look "1337" or "Kool".
It makes no sense at all. Seriously, get help.

``KoolGurl330940939: lykee homgggg, don`t u liike luv mie screeen nayme?

Me: No, your a complete idiot, get a life.
by Kayte Webster October 29, 2007
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