A quiet guy who loves music, memes, and turtles. While he is quite shy at first, after a while he will open up to you. His love for turtles is so extreme some say he wants to be one. He makes lots of people laugh and have fun with his memes. He loves games and playing with his friends online. He loves doing the act of "the leftovers", and does it to his friends often. He is very good at playing his instrument and is ALWAYS first chair.
This footage is *Redacted
by The LeftoversYT June 1, 2021
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to censor a document, usually with black marker, as seen in examples of top secret military documents.
The top secret military documents were redacted, leaving the reader with few words to actually read between long trails of black ink.
by Alan #2 September 30, 2009
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Another way of saying retarded while avoiding censors.
by GringoRedact August 12, 2022
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The secondary word for classified.

Can be used to redact any words and can be used in media.
David: Yo, seen the news report? It is so redacted up!

Tom: I agree, the media's are disgusting.
by brightdev February 25, 2020
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Inspired by the TFATK subreddit, to use in place of the word "Retarded". A more sensitive way to refer to somebody who is a dummy.
This is the most redacted thing ever.
by Paulie Dee June 14, 2023
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