Tom: "Are you studying?"
John: "Yes, >_<"
by Sam2137 September 27, 2006
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>_< = The constipated face.
This game is hard...>_<
by Ry July 11, 2003
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Can be used as a constipated look, or can also be associated with the, "D'Oh!" phrase
"Hey Bob, you have a giant brown stain on the back of your pants!"

by Leperkawn July 3, 2005
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Straining; a emoticon equivalent to "Doh!"
Bob: You spelled that wrong
John: aww maaan!!! >_<
John: This poop won't come out!!! HURRRRRGHHH..>_<
by Marcus Cassidy February 29, 2008
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CONSTIPATED!!!!!!!!!!!! means that you rae unable to SHIT! so take pepto bismol and then you can shit more easely ! ok? o_o
by nick204903980398 November 25, 2008
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Constipated, when something like a shit won't come out of your ass. It is stuck ot unable to move.
Oh no, this shit won't come out of my ass!
by Passion March 13, 2005
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means you are smiling or showing a sense of scaredness.
as if nervous.
i love you. >_<
mmhmm. >_<
uhh..yeahh. >_<
by DESIREE LOVES JD October 28, 2006
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