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Person 1:Let's dab.
Person 2: <o/ <o/
by ddMa April 10, 2017
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Dabbing. This group of symbols is used to show a person dabbing. It is viewed from the top. "<" is used as the bent arm. "o" is used as the top of a persons head. "/" is used as the other arm.
Jenny: Yo! You capped the bottle!
Jon: <o/
by urbangirl101205 July 06, 2017
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This combination of symbols is supposed to form a person holding his hand as to "celebrate something". The first symbol forms his right arm, which is bent like the symbol shows (<). The second symbol, the letter "o", shows the persons head, while the last symbol, "/", shows the persons left arm.
Adam: Hey, we're naked :O
Eve: <o/
by Ronny André Løkken September 25, 2007
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