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A new type of emoticon, used in many different situations, mostly in gaming:
1: when you do something good, unexpected, or skillful
2: when trolling someone
3: when people try to make jokes that are "comedy gold", (used the emoticon in excess)
4: when being a jerk
A) when playing Starcraft 2, and you micro completely perfectly
"Dude that was total BS, how did you do that, hacker" response: " ;j "

B) (playing any sort of game such as Super Smash Bros, where 1 person is extremely more skilled than the other)
skilledperson: *infinite juggles the other person*
otherperson: CMON man give me a chance
skilledperson: ;j


person1: Hey man you should CUM over to my house XD
person 2: ;j;j;j;j;j;j;j;j ;j ;j ;j ;j
by Abeeza Boza November 25, 2013
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