:D im verry happy!!!!!!
by Sam August 12, 2004
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Random person- Oli London got arrested :D
by -Pastel Sushi Roll- October 6, 2020
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A face to denote happyness
by penguin October 28, 2002
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One of the best faces EVER! It can be used for happiness, sarcasm, speechlessness or just about anything.
Boy: Wanna go out sometime?
Girl: Sure! I'd love to! :D

Boy: Yo, dude guess what!
Dude: What?
Boy: Your mom's a bitch! :D

Boy: I've always wanted to tell you... I love you, Emma.
Emma: :D...
by allergictobullshit May 2, 2010
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A laughing smiley, you can write in MSN or other chat places etc.
person 1: *tells a joke*

person 1's friend: "lol :D"
by until_the_end April 17, 2008
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1. n - A greeting usually used on the online community.
2. v - To greet someone like a happy dog who has missed his owner.
MegaworM: :D
P Rybes: heya
by MegaworM June 21, 2004
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