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a smiling face but not as happy as :D
by Sam August 11, 2004
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This word usually stands for a smiley face in texting, in gaming chat, or where emoctions are not enabled and people want to show to everyone who's willing to listen that they are happy :)
It's a fine sunny day :)
by Glflegolas February 19, 2014
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1. Emoticon for smiling. Typically it will automatically translate into a yellow icon.

2. The Wal-Mart mascot.
:) Rolling Back prices one item at a time!
by Bobo the Goat September 23, 2005
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the two little ASCII characters that started the Emotiocon Revolution!

also the universal symbol for feeling happy, satisfied, etc.
John: so how waz ur day?
Tom: well, pretty lame til i bumped into dis chic, had sum drinks, and made sweet luvin:)
by RayX May 30, 2005
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It's a cute smile you put at the end of and im or text just to make it look cute. This may also express you are happy.
see also:
1) OMG! I just got the cutest pair of shoes today! :)

2) Text: I got an A in algebra!
Reply: :)


: )
:))(can have multiple smiles)
by My friends call me icy September 11, 2008
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Bitches love it when you send that shit...
Obamaniqua: He texted me saying "Hey." Wtf...
Watermelondrea: That's lame.

Bon Qui Qui: He texted me saying " Hey :) " AWEE!
Watermelondrea: He got game!
by BabyGirl7895 January 08, 2012
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