What people write in a text message when they don't know what to say or are too lazy to respond.
Person 1: Hey
Person 2: Hi
Person 1: My grandma died yesterday.
Person 2: :)
by littlered67104 March 16, 2018
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a smiling face but not as happy as :D
by Sam August 12, 2004
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The scariest thing you will ever see in your life. Once you see it, fear will get over your body, you will forget your name, family, memories, all because of the fear. This smiley face is looking right in your soul, like it's going to come and haunt you in your dreams for the rest of your short life.
Mike: :)
by Mukrya August 6, 2020
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It's a cute smile you put at the end of and im or text just to make it look cute. This may also express you are happy.

see also:



: )




:))(can have multiple smiles)







1)Jon : Hey, fuck you :)

2) Hey, I won the lottery :)
by Oven Glove Avenger July 24, 2009
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An emoticon people write at the end of insults to make it seem slightly kinder.
by SuperBernard September 3, 2006
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the most terrifying thing you can send to a ranboo stan
person 1: have you seen ranboos new stream?
person 2: yes i cried 8 times pls
person 1: :)
person 2: NOOO STOP
by the caddilac February 26, 2021
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that scary shit ranboo uses to give his viewers panic attacks

people also use it to hide their pain and also give more people panic attacks
by Bluzare March 9, 2021
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