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The scariest thing you will ever see in your life. Once you see it, fear will get over your body, you will forget your name, family, memories, all because of the fear. This smiley face is looking right in your soul, like it's going to come and haunt you in your dreams for the rest of your short life.
Mike: :)
by Mukrya August 06, 2020

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OOC means Out Of Cock. When you are in a very awkward situation, that's the best line you could give to avoid the awkwardness.
Jacob: Where were you yesterday?
Mark: Playing video games.
Jacob: I saw you at the gay bar yesterday.
Mark: OOC
by Mukrya August 06, 2020

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It's means Demon, but if the demon is dumb.
Demon1: Look at this dude. He had to talk to the Devil yesterday, but he went to god instead.
Demon2: {lmao} such a demoom.
by Mukrya August 07, 2020

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