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An emoticon people write at the end of insults to make it seem slightly kinder.
You're a fucking cunt! :)
by SuperBernard September 03, 2006

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A Christian band who, with the fantastic vocalist/lyricist Dallas Taylor, created some of the best music ever. Their original sound bordered on what could be considered grindcore, with intense, crushingly heavy riffs, very complex double-kick drumming and Dallas' emotion-filled shrieks and growls. They released their debut album Act of Depression with this sound, before adopting a slightly more Black Metal influenced sound for their second LP Cries of the Past. Both of these two releases are currently out of print.
They then took on a less heavy, more melodic post-hardcore sound for their third album The Changing of the Times, which was a massive departure from their earlier music.

Unfortunately, due to clashes with bandmates, Dallas Taylor left the band in 2003. Along with guitarist Corey Steger, who had left the band after Cries of the Past, the two of them were the most important force behind the band and gave them their signature sound.

By the time Underoath came to record their third full-length in 2004 with new vocalist/lyricist Spencer Chamberlain, they had just one original band member left - drummer Aaron Gillespie. Titled "They're Only Chasing Safety", it has been hugely criticised by the band's long-time fans and despite outselling all of the previous three albums put together, it is without question the lowpoint of their career, with barely a nod to the band's previous work, it is questionable whether they should even be operating under the name Underoath anymore.
2006 brought the fifth album "Define the Great Line", which is largely the same as it's predecessor.

Dallas Taylor has, since his leaving of the band, been working on a new project Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, who are excellent, but still not as good as old Underoath.
Underoath's first two albums showcase one of the best bands that have ever existed, but with the release of the third they sold out and have been very poor ever since.
by SuperBernard September 03, 2006

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