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It is like an "ok no" or a "just kidding" but it can be interpretated as I'm not sure if I should say that, so don't take it seriously
girl#1: Hii, how are you?
girl#2: OMG! I need to say that I love you!(?)
girl#1: lol, so... how are you?
girl#2: bored
by Peanut_butter August 29, 2011
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(?) is a magical symbol, famous on the internet for some years but used since many more in several books. At one time it was used in chess notation to mark inexplicable plays. If you will use it in the newspapers today would go after any political statement made by Donald Trump.

(?), which has no name, in certain cases indicate sarcasm (1), others warn that such stupidity is illogical on purpose (2), in others alert idiot readers that that's a joke and should laugh or go to hell (3), and others simply serves to hide ugly opinions (4).
Hillary Clinton will be an excelent president (?)
by biayo October 26, 2016
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