a young turdler residing in the greater boston area.
hey mini tard you suck.
by bigtard February 13, 2012
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Someone who completely lacks self awareness, is deluded and has an absurd opinion of themself
"Fairplay I'm the best, arm wrestler, deal maker, straight up genius to walk the earth."
Wtf you on about you g tard, chillisauce ripped you right off you bell

"but kie thinks I'm great"
What a g tard, tut tut
by WhatsApp group king March 25, 2019
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When you fart on a kid with special needs and they jizz in there pants because they are so surprised
Hey do u want to get fart tard on you ugly retard.
by Whyubeingqueefy April 21, 2021
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A shortened way of saying mustard from Cincinnati, Ohio

Initially made up in 1963, ‘tard is used all over Ohio now to tell everyone about their favorite hotdog condiment!
I put some ‘tard on my dog
by ClownJuice April 28, 2022
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Hipsters who think they are cool, new and fresh, and have missed the irony in their retardedness.

The leading edge of edgy hipsters who have their heads so far up their arseholes with not an ounce of cool or self-awareness to allow them to realise that they are not in any way shape or form presenting anything new in their style, action, diction or modus operandi.
1) That guy, Don Atari, is so avant-garde. (adjective)

2) My sister is one of the avant-tarde. (noun)
by Tokyo_Spy May 23, 2017
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